Liam Neeson has a particularly sized penis


leam1Say what you will about the Star Wars prequels, but the star of The Phantom Menace, Liam Neeson, spent the entire film carrying around at least two thick and heavy lightsabers and only one of them was used in the movie. It turns out that the actor has quite a bit to be proud of when it comes to his little Jedi.

These quotes from Janice Dickinson’s tell-all book are pretty much all you need to know about Liam Neeson’s penis size: “Biggest Penis of Any Man Alive” and “He unzipped his pants, and an Evian bottle fell out.”

Not only is that a great endorsement from someone who has not reason to lie, Neeson himself has taken on the topic of his manhood. The Taken 2 actor played “Take The Fifth” with Watch What Happens Live’s Andy Cohen and he didn’t “take the fifth,” he answered all the questions. He revealed that he likes Star Wars over Batman, he once dated Barbra Streisand and the rumor that he has a big penis is true. Without hesitation he told Andy, “I’m told Williem Dafoe and myself are there.”

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So, there you have it. Neeson’s cock size is right up there with Willem Dafoe, who is widely rumored to be the owner of Hollywood’s largest package. And while shooting his film, “Antichrist,” director Lars Von Trier found out for himself. The film called for Dafoe to hack off his own member, but when it came time to shoot the scene, Von Trier decided to use a dick double. Not because he wanted to keep ladies from getting too excited, but because Defoe’s penis is so large “everybody got very confused when they saw it.”

Not only would this comparison bring up immediate fantasies of a Neeson/Dafoe tag team event in the minds of every woman from sea to shining sea, but it can’t be understated that these are also two of the most confident men that Hollywood has to offer. If you pay attention to tinsel town gossip, you will probably notice a general lack of drama surrounding both of these men. When the only shared trait between them is penis size, it stands to reason that that is no coincidence.

When you are so well endowed that women sing your praises and directors try to hide your package, you can’t help but be calm, relaxed and decidedly drama free. Why would you get involved in anything unpleasant when you already have everything you need to be happy and popular? There is no need to prove your manhood to people with smaller dicks than you. You are already the bigger and better man and you can just sit back and enjoy all of the benefits that come with it. Whether your ultimate goal is life is to have great sex with multiple partners, or have amazing sex with one very special one, having a big cock is what gives you that ability and both Liam and Dafoe already know that.