Ryan Gosling is packing more than just abs …


ryan1We knew he has abs carved by the gods. We knew his pale blue eyes can move mountains with a single blink, and we hoped and prayed that whatever lives beneath those hipster skinny jeans would make us swoon. But when a deleted scene from “The Place Beyond the Pines” featuring Gosling stripping was released, we didn’t know what hit us. His unit is huge and there’s simply no turning away from it once you’ve laid eyes on it.

The deleted scene in question feature Ryan covered in tattoos from the waist up while he unbuttons and drops his pants, showing that he’s just as impressive from the waist down. Although he’s completely covered by a pair of briefs, his bulge proudly stands out from his body to prove to the world that he’s not just a pretty face; he’s also got a pretty big dick.

Of course, this isn’t the only time we’ve been introduced to Ryan’s rod. Leaked photos from a public restroom have been making the circuit on the internet for a while, and they leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. In this photo, we can clearly see Ryan Gosling standing at a urinal, holding his little buddy while relieving himself. Even in its flaccid state, it’s more than a handful for the hunky star.

Learn The Secret to a Big Dick

You might be wondering why the size of Ryan Gosling’s penis is such a big deal, but the answer is obvious: big dicks are better than small dicks. While the man himself is a huge sex symbol all over the world, the biggest question on everyone’s mind has always been about whether not he was packing anything impressive in his pants. No matter how attractive he is from the waist up, if he was sporting a garden snake instead of a python, his value as a sex fantasy all-star would plummet faster than his huge dick when he unzips his fly.

If you’re still unconvinced, just take a look at this real tweet from Anna Kendrick: Ugh – NEVER going to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater again. Apparently masturbating in the back row is still considered “inappropriate”

That’s a genuine tweet from her, admitting that she treats the movie theater like the viewing booth at a porn shop when Ryan Gosling is on the screen. And, why does she find him attractive enough to wear a skirt and flick her own berry in a darkened theater to him? Because she knows that he has a massive cock and that makes her fantasize about him. That’s what it means to have a big a dick, and have a big dick, Ryan Gosling does!