Jared Leto and his giant junk


Jared Leto, who is best known as the next actor to portray the clown prince of crime, the Joker, and front man for 30 seconds to mars is apparently packing much more than a joke between his legs. Through several interviews with multiple women, it has become obvious that he has a massive dick that’s too big for a lot of women to handle.

jared1In fact, Porn star Corina Taylor, yes a porn star said “I’ve been a porn actress for three years, and Jared was the most I ever had to work with.” Even though the actress has since moved away from the porn world, that’s quite a testament to the man’s size. When you take huge cocks for a living, finding a bigger one out in the civilian world is something quite special.

What’s truly amazing about Jared Leto’s package situation is the way that he’s chosen to handle the public knowledge about it. He has instructed his lawyer to threaten anyone who talks about it with a harassment suit. That’s right, he doesn’t want anyone knowing about, or talking about his junk.

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You’re probably wondering why he wants to keep his privates so private, but the reason is actually really obvious: He’s tired of all of the women trying to have sex with that monster cock of his. When you have a penis that even porn stars have trouble swallowing, then chances are that every woman who gets even a brief glance at your bulge is going to immediately start drooling from her mouth and dripping from her pussy. Everyone who knows his secret is sure to be constantly asking him to take them for a ride that they’ll never forget, and that is simply too exhausting for him. At the end of the day, Jared Leto’s massive cock gets him so much pussy that he’s simply tired of it and doesn’t want anyone else to find out about it and step in line. When you spend your days servicing woman after woman with your superhuman unit, you can get tired pretty fast.

In fact, his cock is such a thing of legend at this point that people routinely tag him in pictures that they find of massive penises, asking if it belongs to him. So, not only does he have a queue of women constantly buzzing around him, begging to feel his manhood inside them, but whenever someone he doesn’t even know finds a picture of a gorgeous, thick cock that’s the size of a fire hose, they automatically assume it’s his and post it for the world to see. It’s no wonder that Jared Leto has decided to become a super villain.